Wednesday 27 February 2013

Taraji P. Henson PETA Campaign

Actress Taraji P. Henson has collaborated with PETA once again to raise awareness and find homes for homeless animals, in a campaign titled 'Be An Angel For Animals.' She also talks about her love for her adorable pet dog Willy. Awwww.
'I never thought I could be in love with an animal until I had Willy. He’s our family. He has beds in every room. He travels everywhere I go. He’s just the best companion. Dogs, to me, are like children. They are the closest thing to God. They are so pure in their love, and all they do is aim to please. You can watch video of someone abusing a dog and what does the dog do? He’ll get up with his eye still bleeding and still love you. That’s the epitome of unconditional love.
PETA is always doing interesting things and coming up with innovative ways to take care of so many abandoned dogs or dogs that need help. I guess what was very intriguing to me was to find out that they build houses to combat the problem of people leaving their dogs outside and unchained. We’re going to build a house for the dog, so that at least when its raining they have something over their heads.' 
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