Monday, 21 January 2019

Reginae Carter in Fashion Nova and Balenciaga

Lil Wayne's princess Reginae Carter is pictured in an exclusive Fashion Nova meets Kill Bill outfit with Balenciaga Triple S sneakers to complete her look. Amber Rose has also been seen in the same Fashion Nova piece. I think it would also look super sexy with black Christian Louboutin pumps, so versatile that it can be dressed up or down.

Shantel Jackson stunning in House of CB

Nelly's absolutely stunning partner Shantel Jackson was recently spotted on social media in a literally stunning black long sleeve wet look leather inspired cross over mini dress with beautiful gold jewellery and heels. She is so pretty I can't even deal.

Friday, 18 January 2019

New Music Video '7 Rings' Ariana Grande

Ariana is back shortly after releasing 'imagine' with 7 rings, over a sample of 'My Favourite Things' from The Sound of Music.' Ariana sings about her breakup with Pete, and takes some much needed me time with girlfriends Victoria Monet, and Tayla Parx to Tiffany & Co. She recently told Billboard, 'You know how when you're waiting at Tiffany's they give you lots of champagne? They got us very tipsy so we bought seven engagement rings, and when I got back to the studio I gave everybody a friendship ring,' Aww that's beautiful. The video is gorgeous, love the colours, the vibe, everything.


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Emily B slays in Fashion Nova

Emily B looked amazing recently in a teal Fashion Nova dress, curves on point, Fabolous should literally be in such ore of his Queen. I love everything about her look, her hairstyle is A1, make up is gorgeous and body is literally Summer 2019 goals.

R Kelly's Attorneys Speaks Out

Although R Kelly does not speak out in this video his attorney says it all, and I am in total agreement with his view and everything that he says. I think he will be doing an interview very soon. I love him so much. Here's a video to remind the haters of how great R Kelly is. Lol.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Angela Simmons in Fashion Nova and Christian Louboutin

Angela Simmons recently posed for fans in a 'GotMe Feelin Good' denim jumpsuit from Fashion nova with a gold waist bag and neon silk 'So kate' Christian Louboutins. This outfit is super cute, she looks gorge, her hair is always on point.


Gorgeous Rihanna out in NYC

I miss Rihanna, I can't wait for a new single and album to drop. Recently Rihanna was seen out for the night in New York City. She paired a neon blouse with a black box blazer, skinny jeans and sock boots. I love the croc bag and oversize shield sunglasses. So dope. I love her.

Update My View on SurvivingRKelly

It's really sad to see so many celebrities removing their collaborations with R Kelly from streaming sources and regret ever working with him. I just feel like music is completely separate to his private life and he deserves every accolade of respect when it comes to the contribution he has made to the history of R&B music. Some videos have transpired which reveal exactly what I said in my previous post. It's so contradictory to see ex wife Drea Kelly attending and supporting all of R Kelly's concerts with various footage clips seen on YouTube year after year, and now she is addressing haters to not disrespect the father of her children, and saying how amazing he is as a writer, producer and artist? I question her motive, yes exactly he's a genius musically, but I noticed that her personality is so very different in personal videos such as Snapchat and Instagram, to news or TV appearances since this SurvivingRKelly BS emerged. So questionable.

I have also linked below a video of Jocelyn Savage's father prompting apparent 'victim,' Asante McGee what to say in a live interview. It has also been revealed by daughter of Asante and boyfriend in a phone conversation, just like I thought, that she was living the life, was given money, gifts, handbags, and shoes, while being given the freedom to do as she wanted, as any girlfriend would. Trapped in the house? Controlled? No, she was free to leave whenever she wanted. Watch the videos below, which, although I do not agree with the YouTubers viewpoint on R Kelly, I knew this is exactly what was going on. As opposed to creating SurvivingLies, a website that R Kelly's people intended to create to expose the girls true motives, I still say R should do an interview. This has all gone to far. We forget how far people are actually willing to go for attention and money. Lifetime is trash. The same TV channel which televised the Aaliyah biopic much to the disapproval of Aaliyah's parents. The story, portrayal, everything was off. I'm done. SurvivingRKelly.

Asante McGee exposed - Why not to support SurvivingRKelly - Drea defends R Kelly

Thursday, 10 January 2019

My View on SurvivingRKelly

I don't really have much to say other than can we please, please, please focus on R Kelly and his music. This series that has aired that everyone is talking so much about is such a disrespect to R Kelly and his talent. SurvivingRKelly? What did you survive exactly? Contracts were signed, and payouts were accepted no? I think a lot of people have lied and exaggerated the situation to be worse that what it was to get a lot of money and fame from R Kelly. No one is perfect. I hope R Kelly does an interview soon, His song 'Admit.' says it all, and I hope people listen to it before believing the media, and all the oh-so-typical negative portrayals of famous black figures. I hope R Kelly successfully sues Lifetime for airing this madness, how about a documentary on his music career? Alleged 'victim' Kitti Jones has written a book after being with R Kelly for 2 years and is turning it into a movie? Are you serious. Blatant exploitation off of R Kelly.

We forget that the media have destroyed so many legends. I am definitely not someone to so naively believe what is put out there, just for us to believe. I will believe R Kelly himself there are two sides to every story, family, trusted friends, and the girls who were not just out to use him or get whatever they could. His wife Drea Kelly seems to be so adamant to speak out and do interviews everywhere. Robert is still the father of her children and she needs to stop, why is she so determined to break him down?  It seems really scary to me. She should protect the children from hearing hurtful things about their Dad and support him. Start by removing his last name girl, and stop using it to gain attention on daytime shows and social media. I feel like she is exploiting this and wants to always be known as R Kelly's former wife.

Andrea married Robert, so as a huge international star, The King of R&B, she knew it wouldn't be easy with how popular R Kelly is with women. Why speak now, 10 years later? Because he is in the public eye, everyone feels they must comment, criticize and come to certain conclusions? Not at all. I even recall a girl lying about her age in the documentary, it takes two, so is it fair for so many people to make judgement, we know how so many women have falsely accused men in the music industry of sexual misconduct or rape, but at the time you were saying otherwise, calling him 'Daddy!' already and shakin' ya ass in the hotel room! If it's money you want, ok. Sometimes women need to stop playing victim, when they put themselves in that situation. R Kelly is not a monster or a criminal. Are we all mistake free? Heck no.

Remember Harvey Weinstein? Yes. R Kelly, No. I will ride for R Kelly to the end. He is a musical genius. John Legend and some other celebrities which I don't even care to talk about in the SurvivingRKelly docseries - You should be ashamed for participating in such BS. Focus on your careers and doing good for our community. This is just negative. I will definitely not be #MutingNoRKelly that is insane, why should his music suffer? It's separate to his private life no? But we all up in his business like we are prosecuting lawyers?! Evidence equals conviction, Question why there is no evidence. No one is perfect but absolutely no one can judge. Only God.

Pink Diamond