Thursday, 23 May 2019

GTA Online - Missile Base Series and $250K Executive Stimulus Package

This week on GTA Online Rockstar introduce the launch of the Missile Base series with missions set in the picturesque Mt. Chiliad region of the city. CEO's with Executive Offices will earn a complementary $250k, and if you buy one too this week - as well as double rewards with all Smuggler Selling Missions, Juggernaut and Rhino Hunt until May 29th. The Doomsday Scenario will also give players double rewards with the Missile Silo, Resurrection, Slasher, Every Bullet Counts and more.
Two t-shirts also with the GTA Online weekly free merch from Rockstar the Coil USA t-shirt and also the After Hours nightclub DJ Dixon Wilderness t-shirt. The USA coil t-shirt will look amazing for any players who have white joggers.
Premium Races are A Sign of Things To Come, and Taking Off with amazing races on dirt bike motorcycles near the Vinewood sign and super cars across the Los Santos International air field. Join via Quick Job on your iFruit phone or the yellow corona at Legion Square.

May 23rd - Business Trip (locked to Super)
May 24th-27th - A Sign of Things to Come (locked to Motorcycle)
May 28th-29th - Taking Off (locked to Super)

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

New Music Video 'Wobble Up' Chris Brown

Chris brown is back ahead of his new upcoming new album release 'Indigo' which is due for release very soon - with a single from his body of work 'Wobble Up' featuring Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy. Twearking skills at the ready, the colourful vibrant beach summer time video shows Chris' undeniably phenomenal dance abilities, he is one of the best. Love the video. Team Breezy all day. Also check out as always Chris Brown's Instagram he regularly posts dancer inspired and created choreography to his latest songs. Fab.


Garbielle Union super pretty in Sergio Rossi

Gorgeous Gabrielle Union was recently seen all smiles wearing a gorgeous camel coloured Altuzarra separates from their latest Pre-Fall collection and black Sergio Rossi heels. Underneath she wore a loose ruffle black blouse and accessorised with a black gold clutch. Classy and chic.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

GTA V Online - Import Export

One of my amazing friends that I play GTA with showed me his incredible office garages yesterday, inspiring me to organise mine. This week players can receive an ideal 25% bonus on Import Export Selling missions as well as Bodyguard and Associates double salaries. While there is big money to be earned, Merryweather Security Phonecall Services are available for free for protection as well as mercenaries, ammo drop, air strikes or a boat and heli pick ups.   
Import Export Selling missions run until May 22nd next week, there 25% off Biker business supplies, and CEO's are giving Bodyguards and Associates who join an organisation 2X GTA Dollars. Players who take part in Entourage and Trading Places (Remix) modes also get double rewards in Dollars and RP's also. Unlock yourself a Fake Sessanta Nove T-Shirt too when you go online.
Premium Races this week consist of Crossing Paths and Business Trip invite friends and have some fun! Such dope scenery along the way. Join via Quick Job on your iFruit phone or the yellow corona at Legion Square. $40k for first place against 7 races, which awards an additional $100k, 2nd and 3rd place $30k and $20k each.
May 16: Cutting Coroners (locked to Super)
May 17-20: Crossing Paths (locked to Sports Classic)
May 21-23: Business Trip (locked to Super) 

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