Tuesday 27 November 2012

TOWIE Amy Childs £80,000 Well Jel Customized Number Plate

She went all out. Amy Childs recently scooped up her  'WE11 JEL' registration plate costing Amy just under £80,000. So I bet your thinking 'Whaaaaat??!! Why so much? Miss Childs wasn't the only person wanting their car to be personalized with the Well Jel Essex phrase. Amy explained that she had to outbid a premiership footballer and a TOWIE producer to win the five letters and two numerals.
The DVLA official website allows specialised registration number purchases up to the value of £5000 but due to the overwhelming popularity of the The Only Way Is Essex shows lingo amongst the general public also - people are willing to pay crazy amounts for the most famous of phrases. Amy picked up her brand new Range from Imperials Cars in Romford and paid for it on American Express - Platinum darling! ;]

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