Friday 24 July 2020

Fortnite. We The People x More Than A Vote

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Next week, on Tuesday July 28th look out for a special in-game screening of We The People x More Than A Vote at Fortnite's Party Royale. For the second instalment OPUS UNITED presents, We The People x More Than A Vote which will see black celebrities, athletes, and entertainers all come together to inspire and empower young adults, and encourage them to also take action against the voter suppression crisis which is impacting Black communities.

We The People will be hosted by Cari Champion and features Chicago Cubs Baseball athlete Jason Heyward, rapper and activist Bun B, and former basketball player and ESPN host Jalen Rose, actress and comedian Yvonne Orji, and rapper Russ. Look out for the premier on July 28 from 7pm ET, 12am for the UK. We The People will continue to air every other hour for 22 hours and throughout the day on Wednesday July 29.

All players attending on July 28 and 29 will receive the Verve emote dance for free as a gift! Check out the dance in the link below and be sure to stop by. Your support is greatly appreciated.

To watch

1. Launch Fortnite Tuesday July 28th before 12am (7pm East Coast USA)
2. Select Battle Royale game mode, enter Party Royale playlist and head to the Island's Big Screen.
3. Wait for the event to start at 12am (7pm East Coast USA)
4. Continue the conversation with friends.

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