Thursday 30 July 2020

Fortnite. Diplo - Higher Ground Party Royale

Diplo Presents Higher Ground In Fortnite
Get ready Fortnite fans! Tomorrow Diplo presents Highter Ground, live at the Main Stage, and there are some goodies for everyone too. Summer has arrived! Diplo will present a live performance of deep house, trance, and sophisticated beats this Friday for half an hour. 7pm for the UK, 2pm east coast and 11am west coast for the US. Don't worry if you can't make it at 7pm UK Fortniters as long as you jump right into the Party Royale playlist you can still catch the in-progress live show, and there will also be a 2am rebroadcast on Tuesday August 2.


New music reactive Afterparty Wrap for your weapons are yours for free as long as you jump online anytime from today until Saturday. I'm on most nights, woohoo! 
Fortnite Afterparty Wrap
Look out for an Envision Outfit in the Item Shop from today as well as matching reactive back bling, pickaxe, and music reactive party outfits. Love!
Fortnite Party Outfits
Joining in the party is easy.
 Go to Battle Royale, choose Party Royale playlist and have fun!

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