Wednesday 15 April 2020

Best Gaming Events 2020

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During these unprecedented times, although gaming events have been postponed or cancelled, the gaming industry has increased in popularity and profit over the past few months, and it's only a matter of time before things return back to normal and gaming fans across the world book tickets and get together with friends for the next upcoming gaming events to attend. 

In the gaming world at present, there are a lot of new game releases and technology launches to be made, with new console announcements such as the highly anticipated SonyPlayStation 5 next gen console, and the long awaited Xbox Series X formerly named 'Project Scarlet.' This is set to be an exciting year.

The Pax or The Penny Arcade Expo is a great Expo to go to, in San Antonio with another date on the east coast, in Boston. This is one of the biggest conventions to watch this year. With announcements and hands-on experiences, table top games, arcade and video game titles, The Penny Arcade expo is definitely a gaming event to look out for! The next PAX event is PAX Unplugged October and November 2020.

This is arguably the biggest convention in the world of gaming, convening every year. The Electronic Entertainment Expo hosted in Los Angeles, California is also home to many of the biggest names in video gaming. Unfortunately E3 this year has been cancelled due to COVID-19 but there will still be releases for the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X. Both consoles are promised by their creators to be consoles that will most definitely revolutionize and change the world of gaming, with never seen specifications at a time where new game releases such as Cyberpunk2077 can benefit from a whole new next-level immersive experience, and gamers will get the chance to enjoy many more new releases, and have hands on experience of previously announced titles. The next E3 event is June 2021.

The Fan Expo, hosted in Dallas Texas is another big expo to keep your eyes on. The major event covers anything from gaming to comics and many different sci-fi events. As well as this, it is a huge convention for meeting many different cosplayers around the world, giving them a chance to come together and discuss new gaming concepts for the year. If you attend you will not be disappointed. The next Fan Expo is June 2020.

Hosted in Tokyo, Japan, in such a wonderful city, gamers will be sure to find some amazing new features in Japanese titles and games. This is one of the best gaming conventions not in Europe or the USA, if you live in eastern Asia. If you do live in Europe, the next one’s for you!  The next Tokyo Game Show is September 2020.

Every year, EGX takes place bringing all gaming fans from across Europe all together to take part in tournaments, test out new, popular current games, and try all new things coming! From the UK to Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden wherever you are from the EGX caters to all! Whether you’re an Xbox lover, team PS4 soon to be PS5, are into portable gaming, or love table top, or even free spins casino games there will definitely be an event for you to explore! EGX is held in London and Germany each year this year’s London EGX will be at the popular Excel centre in September 2020.  

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