Thursday 20 June 2019

GTA V Diamond Casino and Resort Coming Soon!

Get ready! It's almost here! Head towards the Vinewood sign, to the right of  the LS Freeway, the Casino is near the race track you will see some construction materials outside in preparation for the new Diamond Casino & Resort coming soon to Los Santos, with the gorgeous backdrop of the Tataviam Mountains nearby. It will be a brand new luxury destination for all with a large entertainment complex opening it's doors later this summer.

Rockstar tell us it will feature some amenities, exclusive shopping and first-class entertainment and even state-of-the-art gaming facilities! It will have best-in-class concierge, valet parking, a spinning  Lucky Wheel for some amazing prizes to win, a selection of spirits and cocktails  at the classy bars and lounges, sophisticated table games and so much more to enjoy. More details will be coming soon and an exciting look inside the casino which will be the latest addition to the popular, busy, thriving city of Los Santos. Omg I am so excited!

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