Thursday 20 June 2019

GTA Online - Freemode Events Week

For the next 7 days it's Freemode week on GTA V. Huge payouts on most activities and discounts too. Choose from a variety of missions, including a high speed chase in Hold The Wheel or a gun fight over a Hot Property battle, active events take place in a lobby every 15 minutes in Freemode. Business Battle events are also paying double.

Martin Madrazo's rivals are marked on the radar in red circle as Gang Attacks which we all know too well and have tried many times, you can earn 2x RP's on these for a while. Parachuting Jobs are paying out Triple Rewards all week too. Check out the Jobs List in the Online menu or walk into any blue corona marked by a parachute icon on the map. Free t-shirt this week are the Chariot t-shirt a timeless classic. Just enter online to get yours.

There is 40% off items this week including Parachute Bags and Smoke. There is discounts on FH-1 Hunter and the Ocelot Pariah, Progen Itali GTB and many more, including the TM-02 Khanjali tank my favourite beast vehicle for causing trouble in LS. Lol! For current special events, bonuses and discounts, as well as Premium Races and more visit the Social Club Events page at the bottom of the Rockstar link below.

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