Wednesday 18 February 2015

Interview: Amber Rose The Breakfast Club 105.1

Amber Rose stopped by The Breakfast Club last week, sorry I'm a little late with this but uh, watch it if you haven't already. Amber Rose is so bomb. She's dated some of the biggest rappers Kanye West and recently married Taylor Gang rapper Wiz Khalifia, Cameron Jibril Thomaz. Technically they are still married and everyone on the social networking sites, Twitter, and Instagram are basically like Wiz what the hell?!

Go get your wife back, after watching the interview I screamed exactly that like 50 times. They were a great couple. Amber is such a betty. She's so real, down to earth, rarely hates on other females but will certainly put 'em in their place if they come at her, and she's smart as hell. We love Muvarosebud! And yo fellaz go easy on double tappin Amber's Insta pics! Lol.
Source: The Breakfast Club
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