Saturday 19 July 2014

Tika Sumpter Essence Magazine Interview

34 year old Tika Sumpter has recently revealed all in an exclusive interview and shoot with the prestigious Essence Magazine. Ms T speaks out about her journey to becoming a well known black actress, some of the biggest lesson learned, her first big spend after making it, her mantra and more. Check out my favourite excerpts.
Tika's mantra
Be grateful If you’re given little and you are grateful, when you get big, you’ll be even more grateful for that. Like, I was grateful for the little apartment I had in a drug-infested environment. I took care of it and I made sure it was clean, so when I bought a house, I knew how to take care of it.
The first time Tika splurged
I bought a Louis Vuitton bag, and then I bought Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. It was crazy for me, like, “Oh, my card’s not going to decline.” Everything doesn’t have to be super-expensive, but if you do spend, invest in shoes and a bag. 
Biggest lesson she learned
The biggest thing I’ve learned from Candace is don’t let anger and life’s experiences eat you up, where you start becoming bitter and not caring about anything because when you don’t care about anything, there’s really nothing to live for.. 
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