Tuesday 18 February 2014

Hilarious! The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing Will Smith & Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith present to you, the Evolution of Hip Hop dancing. Old school moves, the wop, the cabbage patch, the kid n’ play, the humpty dance, and the robot to the stanky leg, the dougie, the crank that souljah boy, the carlton and the latest phenomenon twerking. Pure genius.
The best parts were, Jimmy Fallon on the, about to break dance, and the leg thing no one can do, the biz, and his spot on carlton dance. Will Smith's face on the humpty dance - jokes, and his perfect stanky leg! My favourite above all is the dougie in honor of the amazing M-Bone of group Cali District Swag, and the song 'Teach Me How To Dougie.' 
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