Friday 11 August 2023

Life Updates xo

 How's everyone doing? Hope you are all enjoying the summer and reaching for dreams and goals! Apologies for the less frequent posts. School and work have me very busy at the moment. In the gaming world, and with my social media content, my Instagram was formally transformed into my Sims character creation portfolio, which has now changed, I will post the link below to my portfolio website. My Instagram will return to pictures of me for the rest of the year, feel free to follow me and look out for new photos there. On my snap you will find daily pictures of what I get up to, and finally Twitter displays any best clips for game play across Fortnite, GTAV, and the Sims 4. Love you all, thank you to all subscribers who continue to support me from the beginning. Have a lovely weekend, beautiful people xo.

The Sims 4 - Kemi Creates (

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