Monday 3 April 2023

Twitch Sims 4 'Create-A-Sim' Streams?


Hi everyone hope you are all having fun gaming, expect a lot more video uploads here in the coming months, as I will be streaming on Twitch when I have free time as you know I am currently studying for a PhD. I'm so happy to announce merits in both taught modules which count towards my final PhD and need to be completed and passed before beginning research. 

As it stands currently I have a BA Hons, MA, and PGCert which basically means I am qualified to embark on post graduate research. Next comes the biggest title of my life PhD on completion of my research programme in Game Technologies at the University of Gloucestershire.

 If you have followed my journey for quiet some time, and would like to be involved, I will be reaching out to recruit participants during my PhD, so please don't hesitate to get in contact with me if you would like to take part, details will be in a future post and across my socials.

 I really do wish I had time to do a YouTube channel, but that will have to be put on a temporary hold for now. In the meantime please enjoy the brief video almost a sample of what's to come in terms of Sims 4 content. 

We love the Sims, and to let you all know The Sims 4 is currently free across all platforms, PC, XBox and PlayStation. Love you all very much and apologies for the brief haitus, expect alot more in the weeks head.

Download The Sims

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