Wednesday 2 November 2022

Secretlab Chair Skins


Hey guys, missed you! See now this right here? Is fire. Imagine changing the ambient lighting for your gaming set up and adding a new fabric colour to your secret lab chair? Genius no? I have the Secretlab Black Titan matching my gaming tech which is all black too, but I would love to change to a vibrant colour perhaps in the summer months. Gamers have spoken, Secretlab have listened. Introducing Secretlab skins, premium softweave fabric upholstery gaming chair sleeves. The sleeves provide a layer of cushioned support with 360 degree protection against wear and tear. If you have a Neo Hybrid leatherette chair, you can also now choose a different upholstery fabric. Love love love, I think I will get Charcoal Blue very soon ;) Happy Gaming!

Secretlab Skins

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