Friday 6 August 2021

How to Make a Viable Career Out of Gaming

 Turning your favourite hobby into a career seems unimaginable, but it doesn’t have to be. Recently, a lot more people are working for themselves, either as their primary source of income or as a hobby or passion that pays. The gaming industry is the ultimate perfect place for this. Here's a few tips on what to think about..

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1. Decide which avenue to explore.

There are more careers than we realise in the gaming industry, it's important to some research about potential jobs and the key skills required. Video game development and design require specific skills and qualifications, so it may be beneficial to invest in your education to get into this career path.

Working for yourself as a streamer is another potential career option, and while you don’t need formal qualifications, does require a lot of commitment and dedication. You will need technical skills, as well as knowledge of how to render and edit videos for appropriate software used. Very easy to learn with many online tutorials available. 

It is also key to develop good business and marketing skills and to make sure that you have open and approachable ability to interact with fans and followers, and engage with them. You’ll also need to determine what your unique selling point will be. Many streamers focus on certain game genres within main stream titles, and essentially develop their own brand, through gameplay of a particular game.

2. The right gig.

Whichever route you choose, you’re going to also need some impressive reliable equipment. For development, programming, artwork, or design avenues, your computer will have to be powerful enough to manage the workload, files and software. If you will be working from a gaming office as part of a team, much of this equipment will be provided, it also helps to have some at home too.

Voice actor and voice overs for in game storylines, it would be a great investment to have a high-quality microphone and a sound-proofed quiet area to work from. This is also true for a streamer. A streamer will at least need a good microphone and may benefit from a decent camera for promo shots as well. Good your content is - great sound and video quality, which will gain a great amount of viewers during live streams. 

Your computer will also need to be powerful enough to run the games you’re playing, so consider a high processor, at present those being anything from i5, i7, and most recently released i9. A fully ergonomic setup will allow you to stream in comfort for longer, which is vital as part of your career.

3. The Business side of things.

If you decide to work for yourself, you need to set yourself up as a business or brand. Marketing and project management skills are a must, so that you can develop your brand successfully and earn money. Acquiring a business email and/or PO Box address is another great ideal. Professional and easy to do. You can do this easily by using PhysicalAddress, a great company to consider that specializes in virtual business addresses.

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