Friday 19 February 2021

EGX is back!

 I'm proud to so excited and proud to announce that when it is safe to go ahead, EGX and EGZ Rezzed sponsored by Virgin Media have announced that they plan to return to London for this year! Fingers crossed for Summer gaming events and later this fall too. I've really missed gaming events, and can't wait to go. The event calendar for 2021 will be: Live: Online - 14-16 April, Online
EGX Rezzed - 15-17 July, Tobacco Dock, London
EGX - 7-10 October, ExCeL, London

Stay posted and keep a close eye on EGX via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for further updates, including tickets, panel announcements, exhibitors attending, and featured shows. Live is also a new digital gaming event which supports Indie game studios through networking, connections, and funding, with special guests form the gaming world, in-depth roundtables, and advisors, as well as tips on streaming sessions on YouTube. 

Definitely a great opportunity to meet with investors and collaborators, as well as exciting trailers for new future releases. A great much needed chance to bring fans and game creators together to celebrate gaming and build relationships within the industry. I'll be at EGX in October for sure! 


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