Wednesday 3 June 2020

Justice for George Floyd

Six Police Officers Shot And Injured During Protests Over The ...
It's taken me a while to even begin to comprehend the current state of the world and the acts of authorities over the past few days. As far back as I can remember, Rodney King survived racial brutality at the hands of LAPD back in 1991. Almost 30 years later the loss of a father, a brother, a powerful man in mind and spirit, his precious life was taken in one of the most shocking ways of injustice I have ever witnessed in my life. My whole heart, love and prayers goes out to all the precious lives, beautiful souls lost mercilessly. My people. Times are changing. George is impacting hearts across the world to something that is just completely unlawful and unjust. We are uniting. George Floyd is changing hatred and discrimination across world. Enough is enough, racism will come to an end. Rest well our King George. God will right all the wrongs and he will deliver. Justice.

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