Thursday 4 July 2019

GTA Online - 4th of July Bonuses

Happy Independence Day! Lots of surprises for GTA fans today. Discounts of up to 40% for patriotic items, jump online to see what's there in the way of red white blue customised liveries, as well as 4th of July customizables such as the Vapid Liberator, MOC's, Western Sovereigns and much more! If you want to up your game with your businesses, take full advantage of the sales on business properties. Triple GTA $ Dollars in Gunrunning missions and special cargo missions are double.

If your an MC President take to the highway on a Western Sovereign mission to unload Biker Business supplies with double rewards on all Biker Selling Missions. Also more rewards available on Client Jobs, Missile Base Series, Gunrunning Research and Nightclub Income running all week. You will also get a free Canis USA t-shirt and Patriotic Beer hat seen below. There is, last but by no means least - a huge 75% off ammo and all MK II rounds, and discounts on Facilities, Hangars, nightclubs their renovations all until July 10th. Enjoy!

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