Friday 28 June 2019

Album of the Month - 'Indigo' Chris Brown

A new feature of my blog will be Album of the Month, showcasing a newly released album and favourite songs. I will also give a link on my blog's promotional section on the left, look out for Album of the Month. Chris Brown has released the long awaited masterpiece that is 'Indigo.' what an impressive selection of songs 32 tracks! 

The album features hit singles such as 'Undecided,' and the G-Easy and Nicki Minaj assisted track 'Wobble Up.' My favourite song so far is 'No Judgement,' steadily been listening all day, so far pure talent as always. Chris Breezy is killin it, he also begins his Indigo Tour this summer with Tory Lanez and Ty Dolla $ign and many more starting in Portland, Oregon, August 20. 

Download on Spotify | Apple Music

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