Thursday 21 March 2019

GTA V Online - Speed Week

Another week another reward for GTA V fans. My boyfriend and I will be exploring Call of Duty Black Ops this weekend, giving GTA V a well deserved break as we eagerly await a possible new DLC. Rockstar can do no wrong in our eyes, we are looking for new missions, and maybe a casino or new feature to be introduced very soon! 

In the meantime there is double cash and RP bonuses for stunt racing fans on all Rockstar Stunt and Transform Races, this week. Love the Import and Export car selling missions? You will earn 50% more with those. If you have your eye on a Supercar now is the time to buy with sales on at Legendary Motosport, from the Pegassi Tezeract a favourite of mine to the Grotti X80.

Also look out for the new Toes Shoes T-Shirt until March 27 all yours for just going online, and discounts of 50% with the Dynasty 8 Executive Offices, Garages and Auto Shops. Thank you Rockstar!

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