Friday 14 September 2018

New Album 'Kamikaze' Eminem

Eminem gives no warning with an iconic album drop, and of course we know it's gonna pay off with his phenomenal lyrical ability in the rap game since the 90's. 'Kamikaze.' I mess with Em hard. He is undoubtedly the sickest white rapper alive, hands down, no on is taking that title, period. Paying respectable tribute to the Beatie Boys 1986 'License to Kill' art, Eminem's album cover 'Kamikaze' embodies skilful word play on a 13 track album where Em bites back and has his say, exclusively produced by himself and Dr. Dre. 'Everybody's been telling me what they think about me for the last few months, maybe it's time I tell them what I think about them..' Marshall Mathers is officially back. He never left infact. My favourites are, opening track, 'The Ringer' 'Fall,' and also 'Venom.' He is certainly spitting just that. We love it when Shady is angry and stands up to criticism. F 'em. Straight masterpiece. 

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