Tuesday 14 August 2018

New Album 'Queen' Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is back with her fourth studio album 'Queen' a week ahead of it's official release. The insanely written album with some of the dopest lyrics from the Queen of the Barbz, the gem features singles 'Chun-Li,' 'Bed' with Ariana Grande, and more collaborations with Eminiem, The Weeknd, Lil Weezy, Swae Lee, Future, Foxy Brown, and Labrinth. Nicki commented, 'This is my favourite album. it is the best album I've ever done,' during a recent Apple Music Beats 1 interview. 'Everybody that I looked up to pushed their pen and made me excited.' Eminem kills his verse on 'Majesty,' Nicki says, 'He gets it. He's one of the rappers that rappers like me look up to.' 'Majesty' is the my favourite song on the album. Followed by 'Barbie Dreams,' inspired by Biggie's 'Just Playing (Dreams) Nicki raps about 50 Cent, Drake and ex Meek Mills. Nicki is so dope I can't!. Listen out for the switch in tempo in 'Barbie Dreams' it just get better and better. 'Rich Sex,' smash hit, 'Hard White,' every track is dope.

All hail the Queen. 

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