Wednesday 30 August 2017

Jhené Aiko next album TRIP17

Following the release of the amazing 2014 album 'Souled Out' fans can look forward to a highly anticipated return as Jhené Aiko gets ready to release her sophomore album TRIP 17. Jhene revealed the news of the long-awaited LP, with the most stunning photo I've seen of her captured by Jen Senn, in the September/October 2017 issue of Playboy. Speaking on TRIP 17 Jhené said, 'It’s inspired by every type of trip you could imagine: mental, physical, even psychedelic. I’m at a point where I put it all in the music. It’s a puzzle I want people to put together.' artist. Aiko has reportedly been spending time in Hawaii readying the album already dropping 'While We’re Young' and the brilliant Chris Brown collaboration, 'Hello Ego (Don’t Stop).'

 'I would say that it is way more than music and way more than anything I’ve ever done before. I’ve been working on it for a few years now, since I put out my mixtape, so I think people will just appreciate all of the effort, work, and time that I put into it. I really like to take my time and make sure that it’s a true representation of me and what I’ve been through. It’s way more than music. It’s like an art project that I’ve been working on that I can’t wait to share.' I love her, her music sparks up nostalgia and is so soulful I get goosebumps of emotions everytime. She is a phenomenal.

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