Friday 24 March 2017

New Music Video 'Mo Bounce' Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea takes to the city lights in Hong Kong for her twerk-tastic Fast and Furious themed video for 'Mo Bounce,' directed by Lil Internet. Can I please have the Haters and Superior outfits please? Thaanks. Lol Iggy recently told Complex, I immediately got this kind of cyberfunk, Fast and Furious, gritty feel.'

Lil Internet, who has worked with Beyoncé (No Angel) Iggy was on the same tip with it, too. I sent a treatment over, and she sent back a lot of detailed notes and images. To be honest, this was the most collaborative video I’ve ever done with an artist. Iggy was involved the whole time and it was really, really awesome to have that kind of work dynamic. It happens a lot less than you think.'

Produced by The Stereotypes and Far East Movement, 'Mo Bounce' acts as the first official single from Iggy's sophomore album Digital Distortion due for release later this year, an immediate download for me on Spotify.


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