Tuesday 15 November 2016

TouchBack® Hair and BrowMarker®

Colour lasts longer
Introducing to my gorgeous readers TouchBack® Hair Markers. I'm so excited about these products that I am about to share with you. I was kindly given a TouchBack® marker to review courtesy of the TouchBack® UK Distributions Director. TouchBack® and the eyebrow TouchBack BrowMarker® were both created by Joan Lasker, who has over 30 years of beauty experience. She was also a former Beauty Editor at Vogue and a Vice President for L’Oreal in the US. The biggest question for middle aged men and women when it comes to hair is, is how they can conveniently cover grey roots, which saves time, money and visits to the hair salon for colour treatments? The main question I have is why am I already seeing grey hairs in my early 30's? My Momma went grey very early, so genetically I'm assuming I'm destined to also. Thanks Ma! I don't have to worry anymore. TouchBack® is the simple solution.
This unique and innovative temporary hair colour in a marker saves both time and money by stretching the time between colourings keeping your hair colour salon-perfect.  Quick and easily applied, it dries within a minute and won’t flake or rub off – even after brushing.  TouchBack’s handy size slips into a handbag or pocket making it easy to 'touch-up' wherever you are.
 Colour Tips
TouchBack® temporary hair colour means you can say goodbye to grey hair and roots, even when your hair colourist can’t squeeze you in.  TouchBack’s patented formula uses temporary hair colours without harsh chemicals - no ammonia and peroxide-free so it is gentle on your hair.  The TouchBack® marker’s fibreflow™ system in 8 salon shades delivers the perfect amount of colour continuously and precisely blends with your own shade.  
 No more sparse or skinny brows 
The complementing TouchBack BrowMarker® gives long-lasting coverage for eyebrows.  It enhances thin eyebrows, blends stray greys, lasts all days and won’t rub off but can be removed with soap and water.  Choose between five shades and apply to clean, un-moisturised brows.  Use short upward strokes in the direction hair grows to enhance the shape and fill in sparseness. What an amazing range of products, which are set to really take off in the UK. Would love to see TouchBack® in Boots and Superdrugs, it's an amazing product, and so practical and easy to use, I found it ideal for those who have grey roots and want a  quick, effective way to blend them away. Genius! Check out the official websites below for the US and UK to try TouchBack® products. Check out the informative, videos and FAQ's on the official site to see how the products work. Subscribe to the TouchBack® monthly newsletter for future info and hair product releases. You will definitely be very impressed! 

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