Friday 18 November 2016

New Album 24K Magic Bruno Mars

24K Magic
Bruno Mars has literally smashed this album completely out the ball park with his third studio album 24KMagic. I literally woke up, saw #24KMagic trending on Twitter, downloaded it on Spotify, switched off signal on my phone for the morning and went to the gym to workout. The album is just phenomenal. Every single track is fire. Think of it as a 90's inspired feel, Love & Basketball meets GTA Vice City, I even got a little Boyz N Tha Hood too. 'Perm' is also James Brown reminiscent,  Pure genius. If I had to choose three favourites, it would be 'That's What I Like,' 'Finesse,' and 'Versace On The Floor.' I couldn't be more excited about an album release this year, it blew me away. Listen out for a voicemail greeting from Halle Berry! Bruno says, 'Each of them, is like a song from a soundtrack. With this album, I wanted to make a movie. A real movie. I told myself, We’re gonna have a screenplay and we’re gonna go to that.' Bruno can be seen as the first opening act for this Sunday's American Music Awards this weekend, and his 24K Magic World Tour kicks off March 18 2017 in Belgium before coming to the U.S. in July. It will definitely sell out! This album gives me life.
1. 24K Magic
2. Chunky
3. Perm
4. That’s What I Like
5. Versace On The Floor
6. Straight Up And Down
7. Calling All My Lovelies
8. Finesse
9. Too Good To Say Goodbye 

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