Thursday 1 September 2016

New Music 'What Do You Do' Chris Brown

I'm literally focusing zero attention towards the current allegation Breezy faces at the moment. Ridiculous. I believe they are always trying keep Breezy down or set him up for some crazy sh*t. Former Californian pageant winner Baylee Curran accused Chris Brown of threatening her with a weapon at his Tarzana, LA home on Tuesday. Please. She was probably tryna steal some stuff and got caught and then kicked out, but had to make up something real quick to not look like a douche ha!
 Why, after winning a pageant earlier this year, was Baylee stripped of her crown after judges later discovered some incriminating evidence. Hmm. Suspect. She is not as innocent as she makes out, and certainly not deserving of any crown. Boom! Girl bye. Your lucky Chris let you in his home you should be honored, now you're tryna destroy his rep? Not gon happen. Let's focus on Breezy's new music more importantly, 'What Would You Do?' a dope new feel good dance track. Chris is also working on his next album Heartbreak on a Full Moon which will be epic.

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