Friday 5 August 2016

Uber Free Ride Promo Code 'KEMIONLINE15'

So I called an Uber today for the first time on a gardening trip to Home Depot. My daughter and I downloaded the app from the Google Play Store (also available from the Apple Store for iPhone) to get a ride back home with a truck load of wood chippings and gravel for our garden. I'm pretty impressed. You can literally track your driver until he reaches your location and pay via debit card or PayPall, Uber will allow you to split the fare with your friends, after giving you an estimate. No cash is ever exchanged between yourself and the driver it's all done online and he takes you to your destination as requested. So simple, so genius. If you want to try Uber for the first time, I have a free ride code for you (up to £15) Just add the promo code 'kemionline15.' Enjoy!

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