Monday 6 April 2015

Kylie Jenner's controversial backlit photos

This Easter weekend Kylie Jenner sparked a little social media controversial discussion and backlash following a shoot where her skin is backlit and omits an effective glow, appearing darker than usual. A lot of viewers thought she was in 'blackface' (a term referring to the stage makeup that white actors used to use to portray black people for decades in minstrel shows in the US, which was seen as highly derogatory). Whaa? Does this even come close to that? Kylie also commented in the caption that she wished she looked like this all the time and later deleted the comment. Come on guys! It's only a little neon lighting and photos graphics. Relaxx, she looks so bomb. What a bunch of drama kings and queens. Lol. Interested in reading more details about it all? Check out the full story over at Teen Vogue in the link below.
kylie jenner responds to blackface accusations

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