Friday 30 January 2015

Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena SMOKIN' HOT Rolling Out Magazine shoot

Just the other day I was watching one of the older episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, when Erica Mena worked at the Dash store. She's grown so much since then. I love her fiery bold outspoken nature, you get no where if you sittin' pretty and stay quiet. Now she's at the top of her game, sexy, ambitious, and independent. I know everyone was lovin it when she was dating the beautiful Cyn Santana! Omg hot couple alert. Now Erica has fallen head over heels in love with the former Mr 106 & Park, Bow Wow aka Chad Moss. She recently worked it, in her over the knee patent boots for Rolling Out Magazine and caught up with them for an exclusive interview. Check out my favourite excerpts below.
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Anyone who watches “Love & Hip Hop” knows that you have moments where things get heated with arguments and fights. How do you react to seeing yourself act in such a manner?
I know how it happened in real time and then I also know that things in life just happen. People are going to judge you and hate you no matter what. I’m constantly going through the transition of love and hate at the same time and it just makes me who I am. I’ve finally come to the realization that because of the platform, I have to kind of take a view on my life. Editing does play a big part because sometimes how it happens and how it’s edited doesn’t really work to your favor. But, this is still my life and it’s still entertaining. Whether people love it or hate it, they’re still intrigued about what’s going on with crazy Erica Mena. With the whole Kimbella situation, I had to learn that I have to think before I act. But I also have to be OK with being myself, because if I’m not being myself fully or truthfully, I’m not really living.
Last season, you were in a relationship with Cyn Santana. Some people will say, “Erica Mena was in love with a woman a few months ago, how can she be ready to marry a man?” How do you address such comments?

People have misconceptions about everyone I’ve dated. Last year, it’s like “oh, all of sudden, she’s gay.” No, I’ve been bisexual. In the past, I’ve been very open and affectionate towards females. It’s definitely no secret. At that point, I was dating a woman and brought her on the show. RO EM4-2

You’ve been friends with Bow Wow since meeting him on the “FreshasImiz” video in 2006. How did you both fall in love in 2014? 
When that whole “106 & Park” kiss happened, we were both seeing other people and that kiss put us in the doghouse. So we were kind of confiding in each other. I realized that he is a man who really knows me and I’ve never had someone to fully accept me for who I am, flaws and all. I think it just happened naturally with us. We were at that point of really wanting to settle down, but the people that we were with at the time just weren’t fitting us. So it just happened and I discovered that this was the person that I was really supposed to be with.
But people have said, “how can she be ready for marriage when she was just involved in a publicized relationship a few months prior?” It seems to have happened rather quickly. What do you say to people who think this is a publicity stunt?
I think people are trying to put pieces together in other people’s lives so much that they are not living their own life. Cyn and I have been broken up for a while, I just hadn’t publicly come out about it because I’m on reality television. So to keep you tuned in, I had to keep things under wraps. So in this season of “Love & Hip Hop,”  there’s a lot of catching up for the fans to do. And I think they will see how everything transpired and will get a better understanding..
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Source: Rolling Out

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