Friday, 17 October 2014

Rick Ross loses 100 pounds!

Rick Ross
Maybach Bawse Rick Ross owes his dramatic 100 pound weight lose to a high-intensity CrossFit training program. 'I just wanted to get in some better shape, put myself in a better position. I still eat the way I want to eat…I just go to the gym. I do this shit called CrossFit. I call it ‘RossFit' Rick recently revealed to Hip Hop Radio Presenter Tim Westwood. 

'The most I used to do for exercise was stand up to count the money. But now they give me fruit to eat. I forgot what fruit tasted like. I eat pears now and shit like that!' Hahaha gotta love Rozay. November 24, Hood Billionaire featuring Jay Z, R. Kelly, and many others will be released.

Well done Rickayy!