Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Amber Rose twerks! and BREAKTAKING Unleash'd Magazine cover

Amber Rose Unleash'd Magazine 6.jpg
Amber Rose Unleashd Magazine
Amber Rose is back and back with avengance, and oh how we've missed her, no one rocks short cropped hair the way Amber does. Unleash'd have enlisted Amber for their latest cover, which is also her first photo spread and cover shoot of 2014. Bold bright colors, fierce poses, pure class, We love.
Amber Rose Unleashd Magazine 5.jpg
Amber Rose Unleash'd 8
And if you can't get enough of Amber Rose check out her Instagram vids whilst at the Unleash'd shoot where she shows off her posing techniques, and twerks in such a mesmerising way that Wiz wish he was there! Lol Oo la la!

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