Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Video: Beyonce wants to ban the word 'Bossy'

Beyonce banbossy
How many Mommies have attended their little princesses parent teacher meetings to be told that their daughter can be 'very bossy?' Me. Infact every school term, Aaliyah's teachers says she's really bossy. And head principal said she will be a leader. I'm happy. My daughter is amazing and has such a strong personality for just 10 years old. Beyoncé has joined a recent campaign to ban the word 'bossy,' and this month being Women's History Month, it's a perfect time to kick-start a new meaning to the word 'bossy' which can often discourage women from leadership. Beyoncé is joined by US politician diplomat Condoleezza Rice, Diane von Fürstenberg, and Jennifer Garner in a strong empowering campaign watch below.
By middle school girls are less interested in leadership than boys and that’s because they worry about being called ‘Bossy!’ We need to tell them it’s okay to be ambitious. We need to help them lean in. Words matter. Let’s just ban the word bossy and encourage girls to lead. To be strong and ambitious. Listen to your own voice. There are no limits. Dare to be you. You can change the world. Let’s ban ‘Bossy!’
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