Monday, 10 March 2014

R Kelly in sexy V Magazine shoot with supermodel Irina Shayk

R. Kelly - V Magazine 1
R Kelly is a legend, and he can given us over 20 years of amazing music as well as his 12th studio album Black Panties. In a gorgeous new shoot for V Magazine, R Kelly poses with stunning supermodel Irina Shayk, whilst addressing critics, going on tour and the prospects of a collaborative album with the Queen Mary J. Blige. The King & Queen most definitely! He revealed that he is already working on a follow up album titled White Panties.
On being a survivor & what he thinks of critics bringing up his past
The more a soldier wins, the more the other soldiers want to take him out. You have to know how to metaphorically and spiritually use your gift to be your shield. So I shield myself with my gift. I stay behind it and I continue to make music. And when the music is sharpened, I shoot it out there. I’m not a master, but I learned a lot from my teacher Lena McLin. She was basically my Ms. Miyagi and I was her Daniel-san. I would listen to everything she would tell me and I’m still doing that today.

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