Wednesday 26 February 2014

Video: K Michelle peforms 'Can't Raise A Man' on Arsenio Hall

K Michelle Arsenio 2
K Michelle Arsenio
K. Michelle has probably heard more times than a few, ‘You could go so far, if you changed your attitude.’  Last night, she stopped by the Love and Hip Hop star and powerhouse singer was a guest on Arsenio and her diva tude was the topic of discussion as she chatted about how she has been perceived on both the Atlanta and New York versions of Love & Hip Hop.   She expressed

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Yesterday evening K Michelle stopped by The Arsenio Hall show to perform, and talk a little bit about how she was raised. Growing up it may come as a surprise but K listened to a lot of country music, and learnt to play the classic piano as a child. She also spoke about how she is perceived on the Atlanta and New York series of Love & Hip Hop. I'm still slightly obsessed with her song 'Can't Raise A Man.' Lyrics are genius, so relevant.
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