Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Beyonce Self-Titled Album Documentary

When 'Beyoncé' dropped unexpectedly last week, I was literally like thank you Jesus. This is literally the best Christmas present. I've always connected with Beyoncé being born 13 days after her same year same month, and I also connect with her music, which is real. she is such an inspiration and a great role model to girls of this generation. 
Her music is; genuine, heartfelt, relatable, and pure. B loves Michael Jackson, I love Michael, and I was so elated to see her refer to him in her docu below, paying homage. Enjoy the two part documentary below, where Beyoncé explains the magic and utter genius behind creating a visual album and releasing literally everything at once for fans to relish in. She never fails to deliver. Wow. Thank you Beyoncé.
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