Friday, 18 October 2013

Drake Must-See Exclusive Interview 1 Hour Long Special

Drake visited his hometown of Toronto for an exclusive interview on the show 'Q with Jian Ghomeshi.' During the hour-long sit-down, Drake opens up and talks about his humble upbringings, his music being influenced by the Houston and Memphis rap scenes and his ability to portray himself as exactly who he is in his music. we learn so much more about Drake in this interview than we ever knew before.. 

 He also revealed how he doesn't like people thinking he grew up rich, people thinking he is some sad and lonely individual because of his emotional songs, and social media, which he thinks gives too many people a false sense of celebrity. They are only human and I've always said peeps should lay off Drake. He's sweet, he's real and he's a dam good artist. That is all! Oo and.. He is adorable I fell in love all over again at 9 seconds in. Watch below.
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