Monday 30 September 2013

Rihanna covers Glamour Magazine

Rihanna's beauty is simply mesmerising on the new November 2013 Glamour Magazine cover rocking her short curly do dressed in all black. Man, how gorgeous is Ri's eye color. She speaks about Instagram selfies - she is the Queen of Selfies FYI lol, carnivals in her hometown of Barbados and much more check out the excerpts.
If her Instagram selflies are ever airbrushed?
Nooo [Laughs].
What she enjoys about carnivals in Barbados
Barbados carnival is a part of our culture and that’s how we dress, in as little as possible… and we just party. Party for miles on the road. We get a truck and then we get off and on and we… It’s fun. You just party for hours. All day long.
Whether she feels unhappy about the way people perceive her
It doesn’t piss me off because they don’t know me so well, so it’s easy for them to draw conclusions and its their right to. How can they know anything different? But I tried to be as honest with myself as possible. Be realistic with who I am and what I love to do and what makes me happy. And it’s not always partying, as a matter of fact, recently I’ve become like a square. I hate partying. I’ve been so bored with it. Maybe it’s because its the same music every night. I don’t know, y’all feel me? I don’t know, maybe we need some more DJ’s or something.
7 albums in 7 years
You work hard and you play hard. I’ve definitely been working a lot in the last 8 years, its been a lot of hard work, but I love it. I love doing what I do. I have a lot to celebrate, so you will catch me celebrating every once in a while because I work hard. I love what I do and I put my focus into that. That’s my priority.
How she feels about her number 1 albums
Its definitely exciting. It never will get old. Being number 1 never gets old. It actually puts a lot of pressure on you like. Its a challenge in itself. It keeps me busy but I love it. I love to challenge myself.
On her sex life
I am such a bootleg rockstar. I do nothing. I’m embarrassed to say that actually. That’s so disgusting. Its pathetic. I’m a bit of a square. Don’t feel bad for me, I’m good.

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