Wednesday 21 August 2013

Kanye West smiles at TMZ Papz!

I gotta say the papz are super annoying, especially when it comes to Kanye West. It seems like out of all the rapper he gets hounded the most these days, and especially since he's coupled up with Kim Kardashian. They are like Beyonce & Jay-Z, our second power couple. Lol I remember when Kanye was like 'Don’t talk. Ever,' to a photographer, lmaoo! That was mad funny.
I'm surprised the paps still have the nerve to ask such probing questions, after Kanye tossled with one of em who got a bit brave! But I guess that's their job righ? Today, West was seen heading out of a law office in Santa Monica when a photographer caught up with him and asked if he thought Katie Couric was a fake media friend. [In regards to Kim Kardashian’s recent outspoken Instagram hashtag caption.] After a compliement or two and regards sent to Kim, Kanye's handsome smile broke out and it's the nicest thing to see!


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