Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Janelle Monae covers Vibe Vixen Magazine

Janelle Monae is busy preparing for promos and the exciting release of her new album  Electric Lady which features the legendary artist - Prince, so you know it's certainly going to be positively epic. Janelle features on two  covers of VIBE Vixen this month, where she reveals all about love, sexuality, her personal style and much more. Worth a read..
An android is my preference—two androids and a cyborg. I’m someone who sees your spirit and soul. I love passionate androids; one that knows exactly what it’s going to do in life. I love smart androids, idealists, leaders, but good followers. Androids that are compassionate, honest, can make me laugh, knows how to handle an Electric Lady and supports an Electric Lady’s dreams, and wings when it’s time to fly.
A Potential Rap Album:
I love rap music, I love hip hop—not it all—but I will say I use rap as a way to communicate. Singing and performing is a way to get across this urgency that I often want to get across in my music. I wrote the rap for Q.U.E.E.N. faster than the lyrics.”
When the time is right. Everything is about timing. Right now, I’m giving birth to this album, the Electric Lady. I feel like I need Erykah Badu because she is a midwife and it’s time to push this baby on out. It is one I’m ready to go out in this world and change lives and do something great for her community.
Her “Dance Apocalyptic” Makeover:
I was inspired to create a female rock star. I love creating historic Electric Ladies. I think an Electric Lady isn’t to be marginalized. As the narrator and creator of these characters, I have lived by not making myself a slave to my own interpretations of who I am or a slave to anybody’s interpretations of who I am. I think expressing yourself through video and art is another form of communication; a way of rewriting history and putting these women—strong, powerful, bold women—out there.
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