Saturday, 20 July 2013

Kanye West's APC Men's Collection

Last week, epic huge huge fashion news, shame on moi for not reporting sooner. Kanye West‘s limited edition brand new menswear collection with A.P.C. landed. Imagine this! Lol the official launch actually crashed the label’s website AND the collection sold out! Don't worry a few sizes were restocked and were swiftly made available for purchase, like asap, for Yeezy clothing fans..
Kanye doesn't play when it comes to designing dopeness, he has an incredible eye for style. The range didn't even falter from delivering exact what was promised. It includes basic jeans, tees, and hoodies fully loaded with Kanye's unique stamp of approval. Don't worry all items are available at the A.P.C. website, but you gotta be quick as stock sell out pretty fast. My favourite piece is what Kanye can be seen in all hoodied up above, a fly short sleeved rich cotton hoodie layered with white. Badass.. Love Kanye..
Pink Diamond