Wednesday 13 March 2013

Tamar Braxton is pregnant! Yay! :D

Tamar is pregnant! Wow has she done an amazing job of hiding it, and this morning Tamar was like Ahh hell imma show it off! And she did so beautifully well in a white body con Alexander McQueen dress. During her ABC’s Good Morning America interview she revealed that she only has a few more months to go already.'I have a love on top! I am pregnant! [...] I don’t have that many months to go. Almost there!'
Ahh so expect a lil delay with the release date of her album and my goodness is that gonna be some good music, and Tamar is also going to be the best Mommie ever!! During the sisters Breakfast Club interview, Tamar said 'I have four kids in the freezer. When it’s time, we’ll have one. Embryos. Two girls and  two boys. I want kids in my life but I just feel that as a woman, it’s important for me to lead by example. I don’t want to have a daughter and she thinks that I’m at home like a housewife, that’s not the woman that I am and that’s not the woman that I want to convey to my daughter, if I have one. So, I just feel that there is some things that I need to do on my own so I can be a respected mother and that’s just the bottom line.'
Congratulations Tamar and Vince! I absolutely adore Tamar I think she is too fabulous, love her voice she's crazy talented, love her personality and love her on Tamar & Vince, and Braxton Family Values. Catch the Braxton sisters full interview on The Breakfast Club Morning Show here

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