Thursday 14 March 2013

Olivia vs Erica Mena: Where Do I Go From Here

Love & Hip-Hop has become a battle of the singers where Erica Mena has released a single titled, 'Where Do I Go From Here.' On Monday night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop, [which I don't even follow anymore since the departure of last seasons crew, including Kimbella who I love] Olivia recorded the same song as Ms Erica, and has released the full version on iTunes.
 Great news hits, as the track reaches the Top 10 spot on the R&B/Soul charts on iTunes. Pretty dope - as the girls both have the same manager - Rich Dollaz. Olivia has killed this track, I think Erica Mena's rendition is pretty dope too. Who wins, ish is close! They are both super hot. I love auto-tune, not saying that Erica relied on it totally but it's a perfect addition and works on the ambience of the lyrics for the song. We all know Erica can sing. I prefer hers.

 Listen to both below.

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