Tuesday 5 March 2013

My view on: Justin Bieber late concert madness

You all know I adore Justin. My 8 year old daughter also loves him and we both woke to the news of Justin being 2 hours late to his concert in London yesterday evening. Before I give you my view and opinion here's a little synopsis courtesy of The Daily Mail who I disagree with all too frequently.
- O2 apologises for Justin Bieber's lateness
but gave no reason for the delay
- Singer didn't arrive on stage until 10.23pm
just before he was due to finish 
- Hundreds of school children were left heartbroken
after being forced to leave 

- Some young fans even 'fell fast asleep'
as they waited for the show

- Parents are 'furious' with Baby star and
 call him a 'jerk' and 'disrespectful'
- Hundreds of fans stranded as late
 running caused them to miss last trains

- Refunds will be 'dealt with on a case-by-case basis
 dependent on the credibility of the claim'
- Justin, with 35million Twitter followers
 has partied all weekend in London
- Teen idol apologised to fans via Twitter,
insisted no repeat at his remaining London gigs
To all those who are like we hate Justin, let's not forget he is only 19, do you really think he has control over what time he goes on stage? His management team and concert event organisers will be letting him know and it is definitely not down to him. Many parents are said to be upset obviously as any parent would be - because their kids didn't get to see their idol. Come on now! You gotta prepare for eventualities when it comes to concerts.
Justin Bieber's management need to apologise to HIM
for such an adverse affect on his public image. 
So in this case, be prepared to take the day off work the day after, and spend the day at home with your child who definitely won't be going to school the next day! The concert took place on a school night, and if you paid a good amount of quap for your ticket, best believe you should have stayed until the end or until he does come out period. Spend a little extra cash on a taxi or a nearby hotel for your child to get a glimpse of their idol would be more than worth it if they are happy. They will get their beauty sleep that night with the biggest smile on their face, even if it does take an extra day home to recover from the concert.
In balance, I think it's so unfair to hate Justin, or call him a spoilt brat for being late, it's totally out of his control. I gotta stress it's down to poor management. He's is still very young so it's unfortunate that so many people are being harsh on him. Transport for London and various other transport services re-adjusted schedules for families to get home, and refunds were also offered.. So come on!! Is it really the end of the world? Such a huge venue like the 02 Arena - they're not gonna make it impossible to get home or create more difficulties to thousands of ticket holders, so they got chu! Anything you feel you need compensation for take it up, it's kool they will action it. Relax. Lol such drama kings and queens. Lool.

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