Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Model Miracle Watts hot figure at the gym!

Yup ladies, a lil motivation for ya! Miracle has one of the envious bodies I know. So if your like 'Uhm, yea I'mma start the gym next week, in preparation for summer, quit procrastinating and get down there like.. RIGHT NOW! Lol And another tip ladies, doing free weights, like Miracle in the last picture is not going to bulk you up to look like a dude, our muscle structure is built differently to men so your gonna have some super toned arms with definition. Same with leg extension, seated leg press and other leg curl machinery. Do it, your good.
Ladies love cardio and jump on a rower, treadmill or bike, but resistance, and working through a regime with a fitness instructor or personal trainer is better than running on a treadmill or cross trainer for over an hour. If you need any advice about fitness, working out, or dieting holla at me on Twitter, I'll give you some advice and share tips. Miracle has a great waist, which probably comes from ab machines, lower stomach exercises and/or crunches. Remember no pain no gain, push yourself and focus on achieving your ideal figure, you will get there I promise xxx
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