Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dawn Richards STUNNING new look!

As it goes I was just listening to Danity Kane's first album earlier today remember Sleep On It? and Showstoppers?! Man, Diddy!!.. They were too awesome to disappear so quickly like that. Grrr. But Dawn looks super pretty doesn't she? I'm in love with the new look, with the middle picture she reminds me of Bambi, Malaysia Pargo's bff in Basketball Wives LA.
Clearing up the positively insane rumors of surgery of any kind, Dawn responded, 'No changes here. Still same color same nose same eyes. Same Dawn'  She also posted a photo that included the caption: 'Dear all commenters, when or if I get a nose job. I shall let you know. A bish is never scared to let you know. Til then enjoy the picture or don’t. Like the make up or don’t.. kiss my ass or don’t. either way is totally fine, Tootles.' She's blessed she can pull of short and long hair, her new look is off tha rictor.
Pink Diamond