Saturday, 30 March 2013

Barbie World Hiatus Back April 30th 2013

 Don't worry sweethearts I will be back! I'm on vacation in Orlando Florida for 2 weeks. Taking my princess to Disney World and spending some much needed time in the sun as the weather has been so *bleep* in the UK recently.  Posts will resume on Tuesday 30th of April. In the meantime feel free to drop me any comments or suggestions about the content of Barbie World, what you would like to read, see more of, a particular trend or celebrity you would like me to cover. Don't be shy hit me up.

There's a huge change coming to Barbie World. Posts will now be at the end of each month, as I will be too busy to post daily. *Sniff sniff* :( I've just got another part time job at Gatwick Airport. I will be checking in and seeing you off at the gate before you board your flight! Fun fun! I love to travel, and I'm still working on my journalism career keep an eye on my fashion column for MTV UK which is now bi-monthly. [Every two months]

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