Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Blackberry 10 & Alicia Keys is Creative Director!

 I'm no longer on BlackBerry and I may be regretting it soon as an Android User [Samsung Galaxy S3]  RIM have announced the long-awaited release of it’s newest phone - the Blackberry 10. It boasts video calling capabilities for Blackberry messenger, touchscreen keyboards, 1080p video recording, Blackberry Balance, which  cleverly organises and separates your work apps from your personal ones in different profiles, [inhales..]  Instagram-like filters for it's higher mega-pixeled camera, the ability to download music straight to the phone, and loads more! Alicia Keys is RIM's brand new Global Creative Director. This is huge.
Excited about her new role she took to the stage during the official announcement to discuss what she will bring to BlackBerry, she said she will: '…Work closely with the app designers, the carriers, to explore this BB10 platform. I’m definitely going to start with other super women who also love BlackBerry, and work with people in the entertainment and music business to inspire creative projects. And I want to enhance this concept, or bridging the gap between the work phone and the play phone.'
Pink Diamond