Monday 21 January 2013

Lupe Fiasco Anti-Obama Rant! So Not Cool

 I hear news of Lupe Fiasco spittin anti-Obama lyrics in headlining news on top blogs today - saying that he didn't vote for him at the StartUp RockOn’s inauguration celebration ball, Hamilton - Washington, DC.

Oh stfu! Why did he accept to perform at the party then? Oooo he gon' lose fans! Lmaoo. Sorry but I love Barack. That was so unnecessary and insensitive at a specific event which focuses on celebrating Obama's presidency. Omg. He was thrown off stage by the organisers - so that was embarrassing! Loool. What a doughnut.
Anywhooo, Yay! Obama's in for another 4 years and he's dope.
I don't even want Lupe's photo on my blog due to his actions. Urghh..

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