Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Katie Price to marry Kieran Hayler!

 Katie and Kieran have only been dating a few weeks, but following their engagement on Christmas Day the couple could be tying the knot sooner than we think! Reports suggest that they have already  jetted to the beautiful Caribbean to find a wedding venue.

A source who is close friends with Katie Price told The Daily Mirror, 'Katie shocked everyone when she announced their plans to tie the knot so quickly. The fact that they were engaged seemed to come out of the blue. Now, before that had time to sink in, she’s whisking him away to get married.'
'Hardly any of her pals are invited. But they are planning to come back and do the big showbiz version, probably with a mag deal and all the trimmings, once they’re husband and wife.'
'She joked that this marriage will be third time lucky. Some of her mates aren’t so sure.'
Katie revealed that Kieran proposed to her over the festive period and told The Sun Newspaper, 'Kieran and I talked about marriage a few times and he proposed to me at Christmas over dinner.'
'It just feels right. I know what people will say because I've heard it all before. But life is short so when something feels right, I just go for it.'

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